3M Suppliers in Muscat OMAN

Micro Solutions LLC is the main Supplier of 3M Cables in Muscat OMAN. We supply a wide range of 3M Products across GCC. Our main products include Cat7, Cat6a, Cat6, Cat5, Cat3 Cables and Accessories like Single and dual faceplate, different length of patch cords, keystone jacks, cable managers, patch panels in 24 and 48 ports.

Micro Solutions LLC is the Main Distributor of 3M Cables in Muscat OMAN. We keep complete Fiber Optic Products from 2 Core FTTH cables to 48Core cables in Single mode and Multimode ( OM2, OM3 and OM4). We also stock Fiber optic accessories like Pigtails, Patch cords, patch panels, break out box, Micro ODF, Etc

Why Choose 3M?

The company is renowned for its commitment to research and development, so customers and partners can always be sure that 3M is at the leading edge of innovation, as well as the assurance that 3M has a strong focus on environmental issues and adhering to relevant legislation. 3M continues to follow the evolution of information technology and to develop high performance solutions which meet the increasing need for bandwidth. Employing some of the best experts in the industry, 3M has for many years worked closely with the industry associations tasked with creating international cabling standards.

Thanks to its network of branches in 80 countries in the world, 3M is in a position to offer both world class support and the understanding of local markets, including installer training, onsite support and advice.

Network Compliance 3M Enterprise Networks Solutions offer a complete range of products to support local area network and data center applications over copper or fiber cabling., giving performance above the limits set by the standards ISO/ IEC 11801, EN 50173 series and ANSI/TIA-568C series.

In addition, 3M Volition copper components are independently certified by Delta for compliance to the component standards. 3M Enterprise Networks Solutions extended 25-year warranty as such a crucial part of a company’s communications system, customers need to be confident that their network will work to specification from commissioning to the end of its lifetime. 3M Telecommunications offers an extended 25-year warranty for the entire range of passive permanent link components in the Volition and Fiber Interconnect ranges that they will continue to perform to ISO/IEC 11801, EN50173 and TIA/EIA 568 standards in force at the time of installation. The warranty is extended through 3M partner installers and systems integrators who support the warranty in the field, backed by 3M technical support.

3M is high-end copper cabling system is a complete solution consisting of patch panels, patch cords, jacks, cables and faceplates that offer superior performance. Incorporating all the features you have come to expect from 3M, the Category 6 Copper Cabling System based on the K6 RJ45 jack offers true Category 6 hardware performance. This goes far beyond the typically offered and limited Class E/Category 6 link performance components on the market.

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