Cat6 Patch Panel

Cat6 Patch Panel Suppliers in Muscat Oman

Micro Solutions LLC is the Best Cat6 Patch Panel supplier in Muscat OMAN. We Mainly Dealing Belden Cat6 Patch Panel, 3M Cat6 Patch Panel, Schneider Cat6 Patch Panel, Panduit Cat6 Patch Panel, D-link Cat6 Patch Panel, Optronics Cat6 Patch Panel, Systimax Cat6 Patch Panel, Commscope Cat6 Patch Panel, Opterna Cat6 Patch Panel, Norden Cat6 Patch Panel, Molex Cat6 Patch Panel, Techlogiks Cat6 Patch Panel. We have Network Cat6 Patch Panel in Premium brands and Cost-effective brand as well in which is Omantel approved, UV listed, and TRA approved.

Features Of Cat6 Patch Panel:

• Solid and reliable terminations for copper cabling featuring a minimum of 3 mm 50 micro-inch gold-plated jack contacts
• Compatible with both 110 and Krone punch-down tools
• Supports 22 to 26 AWG stranded and solid wire
• For use with unshielded twisted pair (UTP) Cat6 network cable
• Ideal for Ethernet, Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet network applications
• Connects 16 RJ45 ports to a network
• Occupies 1U rack height
• Meets 19″ rackmount standards
• Lifetime Warranty

Structure of Cat6 Patch Panel

On the front side of a patch panel there are jacks designed to receive short patch cables, while on the back of the panel there are either jacks or punch down blocks that receive the connections of longer and more permanent cables. The assembly of hardware is arranged so that a number of circuits appear on jacks for monitoring, interconnecting, and testing in a convenient and flexible manner. This offers the convenience of allowing technicians to quickly change the circuit of select signals without the use of expensive dedicated switching equipment. Patch panels are typically rack mountable, although some are designed to be mounted directly onto a wall.

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