Cat6 Cable

MICROSYS Solutions supplies a wide range of CABLES to system integrators and resellers across GCC. We have different types of networking cables in CAT6, CAT6A and CAT7 like PVC cable, LSZH cables, Outdoor cables, FTP cables, STP cables, SFTP cables etc. We also stock Audio cables, communication cables, speaker cables. We have Network cables in Premium brands and Cost effective brand as well in which is Etisalat approved, UV listed, and TRA approved.

Network Cable

Microsys Solutions supplies a wide range of network products and services to system integrators and re-sellers across GCC. Our main products includes CAT6, CAT5, CAT3 CABLES and Accessories like Single and dual faceplate, different length of patch cords, keystone jacks, cable managers, patch panels in 24 and 48 ports. We have Network cables in Premium brands and Cost effective brand as well in which is Etisalat approved, UV listed, and TRA approved.

Fiber Optic Cable

We are the leading fiber optic product supplier to the SI’s and Res sellers. We do have Etisalat approved and DU approved brands in Fiber optic brand with us. We keep complete Fiber Optic Products from 2 Core FTTH cables to 48Core cables in Single mode and Multimode ( OM2, OM3 and OM4). We also stock Fiber optic accessories like Pigtails, Patch cords, patch panels, break out box, Micro ODF, Etc. We do have ONU cabinets which is Etisalat approved in various brands. We can quote you with different options(Brands) which suits your budget.


Microsys Solutions is the leading provider of IP PBX Telephone System in Dubai. IP PBX Telephone System is a form of private telephone network which is extremely used internally by an organization or a business. It avoids the need of the direct lines for each individual terminal and always keeps the overheads low. IP PBX Telephone System is unavoidable in any industry.


Mirosys Solutions offers all kind of servers Tower type server, Rack mountable server, Blade server We are offers all well-known brands dell,hp,IBM servers.Server based network boost the productivity, enable smart backup,Archiving,vastly enhance the the Security of your data, easily adding storage space and cost effective upgrades. The main benefit of servers is easy file management, Mobility, collaboration, Secure remote access, security, High performance and easily attaching External storage devices.

Server Rack

Microsys Solutions offering complete range of Cabinets from Server racks, Data Point racks and wall Mount racks, ONU with its own specific accessories. cabinets provide easy to maintain, Increase Security, Increase performance All cabinets are customizable, Compatible with Equipment from Multiple Vendors, cabinets are ensure proper airflow and avoiding overheating, companies do not run out of areas and require extra room for IT devices
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