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Cat6A Cable Suppliers in Muscat – OMAN

Micro Solutions LLC supplies a wide range of CABLES to system integrators and resellers across GCC. We have different types of networking cables in CAT6, CAT6A and CAT7 like PVC cable, LSZH cables, Outdoor cables, FTP cables, STP cables, SFTP cables etc. We also stock Audio cables, communication cables, speaker cables etc in Belden and Paige brands. We have Network cables in Premium brands and Cost-effective brand as well in which is Etisalat approved, UV listed, and TRA approved.

Micro Solutions LLC is the Best Cat6a Supplier in Muscat OMAN. We Bring better quality Cat6a Cables products in Muscat OMAN, Micro Solutions LLC is best Cat6a Cables products suppliers in Muscat OMAN. Our Team is validated by the solutions we serve to our clients. We acquire industry best practices to be the best Cat6a Cables Suppliers in Muscat OMAN. We give better Products to our clients and we provide the robust solution for our clients.

Micro Solutions LLC is the stockiest of Belden, Panduit,3M, CommScope, SYSTIMAX, D-Link, Schneider, R&M, Molex, Techlogiks, Opterna, Fumo, Norden. We have Network Cat6a Cables in Premium brands and Cost-effective brand, which is UV listed, and Etisalat, DU approved. We are supplying Cat6 A Cables in different of business industry. We promise you about the excellence in service and fast delivery as possible.

Category 6A cables, generally referred to as CAT 6A are becoming increasingly popular among users because of their transmission speed which is much better than previous versions like CAT 5e, CAT 6, and others. The transmission speed of these cables can go up to 10Gbps and therefore becoming first choice for users of VoIP, CCTV, and other data networks. The data transfer is facilitated at the frequency of 500Mhz.

All categories under it are called CAT 6A under a broad umbrella but it can be divided into various types depending on various characteristics. There are basically two primary types of CAT 6A cables; namely – F/UTP and U/UTP. The terms FTP and UTP are to facilitate differentiation between shielded and unshielded cable. According to the ISO/IEC standards, the first letter indicates the type of overall shield while the latter points to the type of shielding on each pair and the balanced element. This, by far, can be stated to be the easiest way to differentiate between CAT 6A cables. Let’s have a look at the different type of combinations that are possible based on this.

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